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Corporate Profile
We are printing company, mainly focused on paper package and carton printing and manufacturing. We can provide paper packages with fabric, razor, cooking tools, food, dietary supplement, medicine and many other manufacturers. Please contact us for high quality paper packages supplier in Japan. (Send email to above address.)
Corporate Profile
Company name Tokiwa Printing Co.,Ltd.
Establishment March 1939
Officially registered March 1954
The president Chairman of the board: Takezo Watanabe
CEO: Sadaki Watanabe
Capital 30 million JPY
Head Office
1-2-12 Yariyamachi Chuo-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref. Japan, 540-0027
Tel:+81-6-6942-0201 Fax:+81-6-6942-4032
Tanimachi 4 Choume station (Osaka subway Chuo line and Tanimachi line)
Tokyo Office 1-5-6-5F Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan, 102-0074
Kudanshita station (Tokyo metro Touzai line and Hanzomon line)
2-2-34 Imamai Higashi-Osaka City Osaka Pref. Japan, 578-0903
Tel:+81-72-943-3300 Fax:+81-72-943-3310
Yoshida station (Osaka subway Chuo line Direct)
2765 Hosono Kobayashi City Miyazaki Pref. Japan, 886-0004
Tel:+81-984-22-4747 Fax:+81-984-22-4748
Kobayashi station (JR Kitto line)
Business fields Package and carton printing
and manufacturing
Main Banks Resona Bank (Ueroku br.), MUFG bank (Tanimachi br.)
Japan Finance Corporation (Osaka br.), Miyazaki Bank (Kobayashi br.)
Main Clients Gunze, KAI, Feather Safe Lazor, SOFT99,
Sun Note, Imotani, Yamada Tatsu etc.
Manufacturing Equipments
1 CTP system, Sheet-Fed Printing machines(5-unit UV, 5-unit, 4-unit), 3 Diecutting machines, 1 Hot foil stamping machine, 3 Guillotine paper cutters, 1 Folder-Gluer, etc.
MAN Roland 200
BOBST Diecutter
March 1939 Kunitake Watanabe started printing business
March 1954 Tokiwa Printing Co.,Ltd establieshed in Minami Momodani-cho, Osaka
(Capital: 500 thousand yen)
September 1957 an electronic phototypesetting factory opened in Uehonmachi
May 1958 Improved technology in a relief printing field was patented
February 1960 Head office and plant relocation to Ajihara cho Tennoji-ku
February 1960 Capital: 3 Million Yen
April 1964 Roland offset printing machies were introduced
Janurary 1968 Capital: 12 Million Yen
May 1968 Head office building opened in Yariyamachi Higashi-Ku
November 1972 electronic photoengraving system was introduced
January 1973 Capital: 24 Million Yen
January 1975 Capital: 30 Million Yen
July 1977 photoengraving section became Graphic Echo Co.,Ltd.
November 1979 Takezo Watanabe became a President
June 1981 Technica Col.,Ltd established as producing and design business
August 1981 BOBST diecutter Introduced
June 1986 Hot stamping machine Inrtroduced
Novemeber 1987 ROLAND REKORD 4-unit sheet-fed offset prinitng machine Introduced
Semtember 1991 Plate Making Machine intorduced
February 1994 DTP section started
November 2001 SCREEN CTP system Introduced
October 2002 ISO 9001 certificated
May 2007 ROLAND-200 5-unit sheet-fed offset printing machine intorduced
Aug 2009 Cutting plotter intorduced
Aug 2010 Miyazaki factory established in Kobayashi city
Aug 2011 Adding the machine folded in Miyazaki factory
Semtember 2011 Replace the main factory CTP machine
October 2012 Get the JapanColor standard print authentication at the main factory
Sep 2013 Higashi Osaka printing plant established in Higashi Osaka city
March 2014 Get the JapanColor standard print authentication at the Higashi-Osaka factory
June 2014 Tokyo sales office established in Chiyoda, Tokyo
Aug 2014 Expand the application range of ISO9001 Higashi Osaka plant, in Miyazaki factory
October 2014 Get the JapanColor matching print authentication at the Higashi-Osaka factory
November 2014 Get the JapanColor matching print authentication at the Osaka factory
December 2017 Get the JPPS, Japan Print Privacy System, authentication.

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